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Todd's Endorsements


"He's been successful at everything he has ever done, and I know that he is the right person that we need to have in the State House . . ."

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Sheriff Bryan "Jay" Koon
Lexington County Sheriff's Department


"Having known Todd in a professional capacity for several years, I've observed that he is a thoughtful, insightful business person and I respect his opinions and suggestions. Moreover, I know him to be a highly ethical person who always seems truly motivated to do the right thing and that, really, is why I'm not only comfortable but enthusiastic about endorsing him for public office. Regardless of the issues before him, I'm confident that he will always pursue the action that he believes to be ethical and just even if it's not the most popular. For that, he has my utmost respect."

Experienced Real Estate Group

Shelley Metropol
Experienced Real Estate Group

"You are the hero of the story. By you we mean custodians to teachers, firemen to nurses, care givers to attorneys of Lexington County. You are what makes this one of the most highly desirable places to live in the great state of South Carolina and you deserve a voice of honor and integrity and for that reason the answer is clear - Todd Carnes should be your voice."



Dr. Kyle Guyton and Dr. Joey Delaney
SouthernMED Pediatrics


"I’ve only known Todd Carnes for a few years through the business community, but he has impressed me with his passion for making a difference. He has a strong voice for principles and ethics, and isn’t afraid of stating the truth, even when unpopular. While we don’t agree on everything (especially football teams!), I have confidence he would serve Lexington County well in the House."

Avtec, Inc of Lexington

Michael Branning
Avtec, Inc of Lexington

"Todd Carnes will be a great representative for Lexington at the state house. He quickly understands complex issues and will do the right thing."


Lexington Life Magazine

Todd Shevchik
Owner, Lexington Life Magazine

"Todd Carnes is a man of strong character and a great leader. Everywhere he’s been has seen improvement from the growth at Radius, the improvements made since he has been on Town Council and the growth at Southern Med. He is a strong fiscal conservative and without a doubt would serve the folks of Lexington well in the State House. It is my great pleasure to endorse Todd Carnes."


Baker Automotive Services

Steve Baker
Partner, Baker Automotive Services
Councilman, Town of Lexington

"We have known Todd Carnes since 2002. Since then, it has made no difference if he was serving on the mission field, in church, on Lexington Town Council, or in the public sector, his moral convictions, dedication to service and caring concern for others is first and foremost and defines his character. After observing and admiring Todd’s leadership abilities for over 15 years, we are excited to support someone to represent the citizens of SC House District #87 whose life is defined by serving others."

Luther and Carla Kneece
Former owners of PBT Telecom

"Todd Carnes is a man of principle and integrity, dedicated to serving others, and will stand up and fight for what he believes to be right – even if it means he stands alone.
As a fellow Town Council member, I have seen firsthand how Todd studies the facts and makes informed decisions regarding each issue. Todd will proudly serve and represent the residents of Lexington County and the state of South Carolina as a member of the legislature. I know he will work hard for all of us!"

Hazel L. Livingston
Mayor Pro Tem
Lexington, SC

"I can think of no one I would rather have represent my family than Todd Carnes. He is an exceptional leader but more importantly, his integrity is unquestionable. I trust Todd to do what is right, no matter the opposition."


Clemson Youth Learning Institute

Toby Kirkland
Associate Executive Director
Clemson Youth Learning Institute


Our friend, Todd Carnes, who is running for the S.C. House of Representatives, is a man of excellent character who we believe will make a positive difference for the people of Lexington County and of S.C. We believe Todd will work for the benefit and betterment of all the residents of this great county and state. Whether you live within District 87 or beyond its borders, please promote Todd and work to have him elected to the House. We desperately need men of integrity like Todd Carnes!


Karen and John Wayne Parrish 

 Board Member: Friends of the Lexington County Museum & Daybreak Crisis Pregnancy Center



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