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Ethics Reform. The last several years have been difficult for the people of Lexington with several instances of political corruption. The first test of those who want to serve in political office should be a test of personal integrity and a track record of honesty. Todd Carnes fulfills this requirement after 17 years in public life.

Roadways/Infrastructure. South Carolina is well behind our neighboring states when it comes to the quality, efficiency and maintenance of our roadways. We have funding in place to take care of these issues, but the process of allocating these funds has been held captive by an inefficient and corrupt process for years. Now is the time to reform these processes to increase funding to high growth areas like Lexington County.

Lower Taxes through Limited Government. As strong, independent people we should never depend on government to provide that which citizens and the private market can accomplish on their own. Governmental programs are often inefficient and require constant reform to prevent fraud and abuse. So as a matter of course, we should always seek to limit governmental interference and intrusion into the market, which in turn leads to reduced taxes for all.

Committee to Elect Todd Carnes
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